Active-Intermission-Composite-Artifact (AICA) includes sculpture, video, and photography from Lily Cox-Richard, Vesna Pavlović, Marina Pinsky and Jonathan Boutefeu. An intermission is an active pause in which the narrative presented can be examined and the audience can contemplate what is to come based on what has already played out. It is an event that contains multiple trajectories and the possibility to construct new narrative arcs beyond the confines of the initial story. This exhibition is an extended intermission. Shattered, re-composed and unbridled rearrangement of contexts and legacies are prevalent in the work and practices of the artists in AICA. Similarly, many contemporary art institutions are confronting the crumbling conventions upon which they were built and how recent crises will impact their futures. Instead of defining a future of how or should art be exhibited, contextualized, and historicized what we can learn from these artists by asking: Upon what platforms are politics conveyed in exhibition of art and artifacts? Within what buildings? Maintained by what cultural constructs? It is from this pause and consideration we can approach the next act.